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26 March 2009

Fishing Off M'sia Water..

Last week,Anglers include Shimano_Boi,LazyMe,Uncle Wan,Uncle Khamis,Bro Amy,Uncle Bahrom and Uncle Lan went to fish at the kelong off M'sia water to try out the place whether is it fruitful or not..Hence, we went there to try it out preparing ourselves with live prawns,dead prawns,Wat-wat,sarong and sotong.. We reached the boating area around 4pm++ and take off to the kelong at around 4.30pm..The journey was smooth as water was calm and nice..I expected to get lots of fish when reached there..Lets the pics do the talking..at least we caught a handful of fish as not to be upset..lolx...nice trip anyway..

Went to buy bait in Msia secret area..lolx.. 1 handful of wat-wat cost $5 ringgit..

Reached the boating area..Lazyme in the pic..

Shimano_Boi lighting up his Cigaratte..Puff Puff!!

Lazyme in front of the restaurant..

Behind is the boat parking lot..

On the boat..on the way to the kelong..

Reached the Kelong and took some pictures while setiing up rods..

A small kelong suitable for 10pax.. thats the kitchen and a small room on the right..

Uncle Wan waiting for the fish to eat...

Soon its evening...


Sembilang Tikus a.k.a rabbit catfish..

A nice 8-legged Starfish caught..Released back safely..

These are the total catches from the top to bottom..
Usat,Sembilang,Duri,Duri Belang,Unga tanda,Flower Crab...