Welcome to our very own first webby that'll bring you closer to our previous & recent catch reports from our shorelines. Hope you'll enjoy readin' up or gain something from here...

30 December 2009

Monsoon Catches

Anglers: Shimano_boi,Yusri,Khai and Cik Sham
Location: Somewhere in S'pore & BJT
Baits: Sarong Worms and Dead Prawns

This time i got nothing much to talk about..Enjoy the pics yeah...Tight lines always bro anglers..

The Blukang that was caught and was still pulling the line off when it draws near..

Look at the healthy and strong Blukang..

Finally brought up safely by Cik Sham using dead prawns..

Closer view..

A range KG Sembilang caugh off BJT at during..It rains till noon..Not much bite..

19 December 2009

Ikan Bilis Attack!!

Anglers: Shimano_boi,Yusri,Khai and Bob
Location: North Region
Bait: Experiment it out yourself...kekekekeke

We reached the spot at night around 12 midnite and met up Khai and Bob..There were few people around doing their usual crabbing at night..Shimano_boi and Yusri settle down and open up our canvas sheet to place our belonging on top..sat down and slowly set up our rod..It was a windy and cold night with a strong current too..Wind blowing left,current going right,how to fish like that kind of condition?lolx..we rest for a while as there was a lot of crab destroying our baits and rigs too..
Soon,it started drizzling..we looked out for an empty shelter and stay there till morning around 7am whereby it started to rain cats and dogs..Our spirits were not dampen as it will soon stop raining..Bob went home in the morning and 3 of us stayed..I and Khai went to check the water and saw the ikan Bilis roaming in big group..without waiting,we set up our small rod and started catching those ikan bilis..Yusri caught a nice todak too..Seems our recent post all got Todak too..lolx...tight lines....

Shimano_boi and Yusri..

Bob the builder..

Khai wandering in the sea..

Peace up man..happy fishing..

All relaxing after the cast..

Our belonging so messy..The white plastic bag inside got FOOD!!!!makanan orang..

Yusri reeling back his line..Bait check..

Soon it was morning and raining still..Bob look tired already..

Bob: Dok,satu paper gulung boleh??hahahahahahaha.....

Khai still smiling although it still raining..G pancing ke g town?

Yusri lost the game and was dare to go to the lamp post and dance..

Kapas-kapas caught by Yusri friend who came in the morning..

This is our total catch of the day..Well done for our hard work..

14 December 2009

Surface Splash @ BJT

Anglers: Shimano_Boi,Yusri,Khai,Khai brother&Gf,Yan_Hugo Family&friend
Location: Bedok Jetty a.k.a BJT
Baits: Dead Prawns and Live Tambans
Shimano_boi and yusri planned that fishing at the BJT was a good places as we hardly go there due to distant was so far from our home..So we decided to go there at night while meeting up Khai and accomplice at the jetty..Khai reached there earlier and book the shelter..Shimano_boi and Yusri planned to disturb Khai by notknowing him..Suddenly there someone calling my full name out twice..Coz Khai doesnt know my full name...Turned my head and saw Yan_Hugo...What a surprised!!He doesn't have my new number?Hmmmm..lolx..

So Shimano_Boi and Yusri set up our rods and we went to jig the night tambans together with Yan_Hugo,Khai and Yusri..The night was not crowded at all as expected..It was a pleasure to fish with Yan_Hugo again after entering NS life,most of us are busy with daily work and commitment..So,it was a wonderful night to meet up our fishing members again..

Soon it was morning and i just woke up from my sleep..Need that sleep alot if not can't ride my bike if i were sleepy..lolx..Set-up our rig the night before and already jigging for the live tambans..Damn!!!Where all the tambans go???All of us at the jetty got a hard time finding this fish..Yusri got the first tamban and quickly hook and release to the sea..Shimano_boi turned and saw his rod bend..Shouted and Yusri grabbed hold of his rod..Pumping up nicely nad got a nice Todak as a reward...Next tamban was Shimano_boi,i hook it up and release it..Yusri saw my drag release hard twice and i went to my rod and pump it up..it was BIG!!I set the drag tension nicely and pumping it up..It jump twice and went sprinting unknowingly..it went unhook and i was totally disheartened!!Not mine will not be mine..There's always a next time..To Khai,next time we go BJT,u get the 1st tamban...Dun be disheartened bro..Enjoy the pics below..


Everyone jigging for night tambans..

Happy fishing..

Khai younger brother&gf

Not forgetting me;Shimnao_boi

Khai putting prawn meat as bait..

Shimano_boi caught this fish at the first cast using dead pranws...

Closer view up of the Puffer fish..Release back to the sea safely..

Yusri pumping up the fish slowly..

Yusri floater being taken by the Todak..The fish is just below during the fight..

The juvenile todak caught by Yusri..

A nice Green todak differ from the Sembawang Todak which is black on the top..

Another Todak was given by the Malay Uncle opoosite us..Thanks..

Todak Festive Season

Anglers: Shimano_Boi,Yusri,Khai
Location: Sembawang Park
Baits: Fresh bait works the best..heeee

This was a recent catch report that was held at the North area of S'pore water;Sembawang..We reached the spot the night before to settle down and find some good space and shelther..We use apollo rig to waste our time using dead prawns and soon,it was going to be morning..Yusri and Khai set-up their rod to catch these todak that they have playing with this month..After a few hours under the hot sun,their hardwork is paid off finally..Here are the photos attached below..Enjoys and tight lines always..

Yusri and Khai..Khai,welcome to our group of fishing escapades..

The todaks looks like a Greek Ancient Words isn't it??lolx..

A closer view..

The Juvenile todak in Sembawang Park..

09 December 2009

The Cheap Thrills

Anglers: Shimano_Boi,Yusri and Neighbourhood Friends
Location: Unknown Area??
Baits: Live Prawns,Dead prawns,Squid

The night was cold and the sea water was in a superb condition..we left our homes and pick Yusri up and off we go to the spot..Soon after we reached there,there was Yusri neighbourhood friends who was there fishing earlier and some few malay uncles were there too fishing..not much of action during the upcoming tide and soon we were given a cheap thrills instead..hehehe..the Blukang Catfish was indeed light up our night that day were total of 6 catches of FAT POWERFUL BLUE-Kang..lol...Indeed these blukang are different from other place..Thier strength are brutal and fight from far till near too..A Thai Anglers was also there and caught a nice 2kg++ Grouper..Nice size..

The next day we went there again to fish..Body was tired but was happy the day before we caught those fishes and released them safely back to the open sea...That night was filled with silence and no drag was pulled off..We waited and Yusri neighbour caught a nice Mangrove Jack weigh 500g at night...After that nothing else was caught till morning where Yusri got his nice Eel-tail Catfish a.k.a Sembilang..Thats all Anglers..Hope to see u drop by again next time..Tight Lines Always..

Grouper weighing 2kg++

Closer view-up...

The Fat and Strong Blukang..

The 500g Mangrove Jack..Nice one guys..

Yusri Neighbour posing up his catch..

See that Fat Fish??

Yusri taking out the hook cautiously..

My Foot and the fish length..Big Right??my feet is size 14..

The action begins..

Pumping up slowly..

The Cheap Prize Catch..hahaha

Thats my leg again with another Blukang...

2 Feet in length..how big it is!!!!

Again another fight..

Its near..

And the catch..

This is Shimano_Boi and his catch..

A foot length away..

Yusri and his Sembilang in the morning catch..

A closer view..