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12 March 2009

Se-Bawang Territory!!

aFTER being caught as the tomcats,the three tomcats when to fish at sembawang park coz itchy hands oreadi..hahaha...lets keep this CR short and sweet coz the fish caught oso nice to cook it sweet...the first fish was caught on 16th around 3am plus..jetty was so quiet and only around 4 to 5 rods standing still..while chilling and chatting,suddenly 1 of them say "kana kana kana"..den i look at his rod,it bend a bit den straight away bend towards the sea..wah!!!!big one kana oreadi..he pump up and Willy went down at the jetty stairs waiting to help..Shimano_Boi ask the person to tighten his drag..he did..while pumping up the fish,it pull back going left and right..this gonna big..reach near,Willy pull up the rig and i carry it up the fish to the jetty...ITS NOT SMALL... Woke up at 12pm..call Yusri and he was at Sembawang park with BigHommie,Kit-silencer(not silence always) and his master guru...i went down there followed by Lazyme...we were aiming for Chermin or ACk...using live prawns and sarong...no bite..i use apollo rig to catch choaxi but i miss one but dun know wat it is...soon,i help to reload bait at master guru rod with sarong and bigHommie cast out far...not even 1min got pull..den strike immediately..Bighommie say kana fish..rod bending 'C' shape oreadi..den feel like kana rubbish master guru say..den decided to pull slowly..den it was amazing we pull this RUBBISH up..Finally,it was a 2kg Grouper was brought up..

2KG Chaoxi a.k.a Tudung Periuk a.k.a Sickle Fish

BigHomie and 2kg Grouper