Welcome to our very own first webby that'll bring you closer to our previous & recent catch reports from our shorelines. Hope you'll enjoy readin' up or gain something from here...

30 March 2009

Whiskers On the Move..

Went fishing off to the East region of the S'pore sea water..reached there around 4am plus as anglers includes Hilmi Ribot Caster&Gf,Azlan,Yan Hugo,Willy a.k.a Batang and Shimano_Boi a.k.a Ikan Buntal.....Set up our weapon and casted out our line in searched of our prey in the sea..Soon after 5mins,Yan Hugo brought up a nicely Duri weighing around 1kg++ followed by Shimano_Boi..We ended our fishing at 7am plus,packed up and went home happily..Total catch was 3 Duri and some Tua Bak from the East Coast before we came to another spot for fishing..

Catfish a.k.a Duri..

Shimano_Boi posing up..

Yan Hugo and the kitties..

Tua Bak and Duri @ Yan Hugo ktichen...