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21 October 2009

The ReUnion of D'gonjolz

Anglers: Yusri,Shimano_Boi,Fai,Hilmi,Kit_Silencer a.k.a Izam,BigHomie,Fahrul
Location: Changi NSRCC Beach
Time: 11pm ++
Baits: Dead Tambans,Prawns,Squid,Sarong

We met up at the location around 11pm plus as Shimano_Boi(me) and Yusri were the last one to reach there..We were s happy that we are able to meet up again for some fishing and chit chatting..Set up our rods and casted our lines out..The night was full with joyful laughter although no fish were being caught..
Even we lived with our busy life,we yet manage to find a suitable time to meet up and fish together..That's the spirit of D'Gonjolz that will never fade away from our heart of the Fisherman Surf-Anglers..Hope to be fishing again and posting up new Surfcasting adventures...To be continued...Stay tuned for further updates..

Yusri,Shimano_Boi,Fai,Hilmi,Kit_Silencer a.k.a Izam,BigHomie,Fahrul

Hapy Faces..Kit_Silencer and Hilmi....

Yusri and Fahrul sharing something...Dunno wat it is...lolx..

Azlan tying up knots..

Hilmi smiling thru his phone...

Last but not least,makan is still the trademark of this team..hehe..HUNGRY FISHERMAN!!!GONJOLZ!!