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14 December 2009

Todak Festive Season

Anglers: Shimano_Boi,Yusri,Khai
Location: Sembawang Park
Baits: Fresh bait works the best..heeee

This was a recent catch report that was held at the North area of S'pore water;Sembawang..We reached the spot the night before to settle down and find some good space and shelther..We use apollo rig to waste our time using dead prawns and soon,it was going to be morning..Yusri and Khai set-up their rod to catch these todak that they have playing with this month..After a few hours under the hot sun,their hardwork is paid off finally..Here are the photos attached below..Enjoys and tight lines always..

Yusri and Khai..Khai,welcome to our group of fishing escapades..

The todaks looks like a Greek Ancient Words isn't it??lolx..

A closer view..

The Juvenile todak in Sembawang Park..