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07 April 2009

Attacks of the Kitties

Recently went for a short fishing session at the Eastern side of the beach in S'pore..Anglers include Willy,Shimano_Boi,Cik Aziz(angler who join us),Abg Din(angler who join us too)..We reached there in the evening and set up our rod and casted out the baits...Baits used were sotong,baby squid(chomet),prawns..First fish were brought up by Cik Aziz and the initial pull was superb...Next was Willy who caught the 2nd Kitties eventually the biggest thru out the fishing escapade..3rd was Shimano_Boi(Me Myself) who caught a decent size Kitty..Den,i brought up a nice big Eel-tail Cafish in the night which i always wish to get one(long time oreadi nvr get this fish)..hehehe...Soon,it was morning..These are the total catches which will surprised u really..this is like offshore fishing indeed..

Willy with the biggest Duri a.k.a Catfish

A good harvest by Four Anglers..

Usat,Sembilang(Eel-tail catfish) and Duri


The total catches..