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09 April 2009

Bedok Jetty Catches

Recently, Shimano_Boi and Willy went fishing at the newly opened Bedok Jetty where its place is famous for its variety fishes in the deep blue sea..We went there at 1am to book the bus-stop shelter and settle down after setting up our rod and rigs for the morning high tide..The night was cooling and we went to sleep till sunrise keeping our belonging at highest security..Soon,it was morning at 7am whereby i witness the big splashed already started..Willy quickly jigged for tambans and got one..i hooked it up and released it fast to the sea..I took turns to jig the tambans up as nowadays the tambans are lesser and its really hard to hook them up...Soon,Willy turn to hook and released the tamban out to the sea.
Few minutes later,Willy Abu Garcia Blue Yonder drag alarmed went off loudly..Grekkkk!!!!Game on!!he pump it up but the predator didn't swallow the tamban..Hence, causing the damage to the tamban..Soon, Shimano_Boi drag went off..he quickly run to his rod and strike..he reeled in slowly and fought a bit before the fish surfaces..It was the Parang a.k.a Saitoh fish..hehehehe..Later,Shimano_Boi brought up to lethal Todaks up the jetty too..Here are the total catches..Enjoys..Tight lines always SingaporeCoastAnglers..

Parang a.k.a Saitoh and Todaks...

Queenie a.k.a Talang caught by other angler..Weigh approx. 2kg..

Assorted fish such as Queenie and Selar Papan..

A beautiful green eel caught by an angler using sotong...It was released safely back to the sea..