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16 April 2009

New Improvise Thumb Guard

I would especially like to thank to my thumb model who is Hilmi a.k.a RIBOT..This is the new improvised thumb guard that was sewed by Shimano_Boi(ME)..I got this idea by Hilmi as he uses this to cast and get a better grip of it..Now,it is still under construction as to make it have a better outlook and tight fitting to the thumb..As the present Thumb Guard is made of leather,it will wear off easily..Furthermore, it tends to fly off from our thumb after the cast..Researched has been done and a substitute has oreadi been made..Have a breeze look at our under-constuction thumb-guard..We name it F.T.G ( Fitting-Thumb-Guard)..

The upper view of the F.T.G

The below view of the F.T.G