Welcome to our very own first webby that'll bring you closer to our previous & recent catch reports from our shorelines. Hope you'll enjoy readin' up or gain something from here...

16 April 2009

Recently Caught by hooks

Anglers : Shimano_Boi, Hilmi & Gf, Yan Hugo
Baits: Sotong a.k.a squid and Prawns
Catches: 1 Duri

Shimano_Boi and his good size Duri

Anglers : Shimano_Boi, Willy and Cik Ajid
Baits: Sotong a.k.a squid and Prawns
Catches: 2 Duri, 1 Sembilang a.k.a Eel-tail catfish, 4 Large Usat, 1 Toadfish
Catch and Release: 1 Large Crab caught on foul hook--bait stealer

CIk Ajid and his large crab

Willy posing wif his Duri

Zoom view of the Duri face

Toadfish by Willy

Sembilang by Cik Ajid,bait prawn

Here are the total catches being made..