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23 May 2009

CR @ Tanjung Pinang on 20-22 May 2009

Organiser: Haizan
Anglers: Shimano_Boi(Me),BigHommie,Izam a.k.a Kit-Silencer,Haizan,Albert,Ang,Hamzah,Hamdi
Water condition: Good

Catch rate: Good
Date: 20-22 May 2009

We met up at TMFT @ 7.45am to check-in our bags,rod and cooler-box and had our morning coffee as usual nearby..We chatted happily while waiting for the ferry(WaveMaster) to arrived before we had our passport check and enter to the departure hall..Soon,our ferry came and we boarded it and the journey took us 2hrs to reached the Tg Pinang Port.. Upon the arrival at Tg Pinang,we got our passport stamped and proceeded outside the port as instructed by our organiser..We met up with our tour guide(has been working with our organiser for long time) to bring us to the shop where we could able to get our refreshment and also our cigarattes..hahhahhaha...cheap and nice cigarrates...lolx...we smoked and smoked and smoked while our stuff is transported to the fishing boat..Next its our turn to be transported by the van and took us 40mins journey to reached the fishing boat jetty.. As we reached there,we headed down to the jetty to board onto the fishing boat and had our breakfast in the boat..The breakfast was totally superb and our cold drinks..Weather is good and hot..after eating,we set up our tackles and place it on top while the boat is already out in the sea..We chatted and laugh our heads off while setting up..Soon,we went to sleep as the journey out for 7hours before we reached the fishing spots.. Finally we woke up and found that there isnt any island around us anymore..what are we waiting,FISH ON..Enjoy the pics.

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S'pore Cruise Centre to Check-In our Belongings

Brief dicussion on the procedures

Shimano_Boi taking front view

Had our morning coffee as usual at Killiney

The Jetty @ TMFT to board our WaveMaster Ferry

Onboard was Albert(Top left),BigHommie(Top Right),Haizan(bottom left) and Ang(Bottom Right)

Hamdi enjoying the view while boat was reversing towards the big sea

2 hours journey to Tg Pinang..Set sail away

Upon reaching the Tg Pinang Harbour

Welcome to Tg Pinang Port

Snap view of the inside port

Izam a.k.a Kit-Silencer collection our tickets and pass

Inside van to bring us to the Boatman Jetty

An estimated 40 minutes journey

After a very long journey,this is the first traffic light..WEIRD!!!

Upon reaching,we headed down to this alley leading us to the Jetty

Shimano_Boi had his lunch quickly to take pictures

Bighommie(Bottom),Albert(Middle) and Izam(Top) having their sumptuous lunch..YUMMY!!!!

Our GEARS in progress

Our full battle order

2nd Battle order

Trolling???Nope,just posing..lolx

Albert went to his lala land so quickly as he landed on the bed

Izam sleeping peacefully

Haizan(Left)the organiser and Hamdi(Right)

Hamzah(Left) and Izam (Right)

One of the very helpful Deckie that helps us alot

Ang Kuey caught by Izam

Kaci caught by Hamdi

Fresh Sotong caught at the sea

Ang caught Merah Bulat

Shimano_Boi with his Sagai Bulat a.k.a Trevally

Hamzah with his 4.5kg Ang Kuey

Hamdi posing with 8kg Cobia

Shimano_Boi with his 2.5kg Barracuda and Hamzah with his 2.5kg Ang Goli

BigHommie wif his Sagai Bulat

Hamdi posing with Ang Kuey

Shimano_Boi posing with 8kg Cobia

Happily enjoying the fish caught

Haizan with his catches 5kg and 8kg Cobia

Hamdi posing up

Shimano_Boi posing with the Mayong a.k.a deep sea Catfish(Golden on the top)

BigHommie posing with the Ang Kuey

Shimano_Boi posing with the Cobia's

Sagai's Bulat view

Total catches of the day..Nice harvest and top quality fishes caught..

Close upz

Lots of Fish variaties

Another section of fish variaties

Our lovely boat..

Went to take a walk at the Tg Pinang area before going back to S'pore..Gorvenor house..

A sea view of Tg Pinang..Very windy and cooling place to be..

Had our last meal together at the nearby Restaurant toegther..Lots of different dishes being served..Thanks to Haizan our organiser for this great and enjoyable trip..