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14 May 2009

Shimano Maintenance Tip #2


1) Tools and cleaning materials recommended to service reel.Some Shimano reels come with Bantam Oil. These simple tools are readily available at hardware stores.

2) Remove left side plate screws with a Phillips or flathead screwdriver.Take extra precautions to select properly sized screwdrivers to prevent stripping screw heads.

3) Remove spool assembly.Use Shimano Bantam Oil to lubricate drive shaft bearing or bushing.

4) Clean exterior of reel with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs or toothbrush.Shimano Bantam Oil may be used on the reel foot to prevent corrosion.

5) Inspect and clean spool assembly.It is highly recommended that fishing line(especially braided line) to be remove form the spool at least once a year to prevent spool corrosion.

6) Oil spool bearing and brake collars.

NOTES: Do not grease spool shafts,as it will affect freespool adversly.

7) Check left side plate spool bearing for rust or wear.Oil bearing and idle gear.Apply a light coat of grease to clicker assembly.

8) Reinstall spool and side plate.General maintenance is now complete.