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02 May 2009

Sedili Trip Part 1

Anglers include Shimano_Boi(Me),Willy and Cik Khamis(S._Boi Future In law)...We went to Sedili by our own vehicle whereby Cik Khamis drove the car from S'pore via Tuas 2nd link;thank god we reach there in time cause the jam starts to built up fast..Phew!!!He drove to Gelang Patah rest area as usual,we bought our Cigarattes and off we go to johor cause the money changer close oreadi liao..Damn it!!we went to johor to get our money change and we went Sedili straight..Half way on the road,there was a Traffic road-block at 12am..is like wat the heck!!road still damn busy..siao liao...the journey took us 2hrs to reach Sedili..We reached Sedili Kechil and had our supper and coffee..kampong style is the best..Yummy!!!After we filled our stomach,we went to the nearby brigde and there was a lot of anglers fishing for KBL and other kind such as Gelama,Grunter,Duri Belang and also Sediling..Shimano-Boi took some photos tat were caught by the anglers there..They were friendly and funny too like we Singaporeans when we get together with our friends..lolx..njoy the pics..

Willy at the Bridge posing..Behind are all the anglers fishing

Shimano_Boi(Front) and Willy(Behind)

The Fishes in the bucket..Gelama,Duri Belang,Grunter