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02 May 2009

Sedili Trip Part 2

Soon its was morning at 7.30am and no one was around at the bridge as we fell asleep while waiting for the sun to rise..its was a beautiful morning indeed..Cik khamis woke up and start the car and went we off to the Boatmen house which was located at Sedili Kechil..we arrived there and drove the boatmen to had our breakfast nearby the kampong..after that we bought some ice and drinks before going off to the big sea..we met our boatmen at the pick up point and loaded our gears and boxes in the boat..We put on our full battle clothing to prevent sunburn..hehehehe...Off we go to the big sea..it was going up high tide as we reached at our spot..On the way,we set up our fishing gears and rigs too..Anchored down...Start fishing..the water was muddy and the water was not so choppy..I vomitted twice as this was my first offsore trip and the nasi lemak got off from my stomach..i didnt have enough rest and even ate spicy breakfast..lolx..We had no time to take pictures after we started fishing..Njoy the pictures bro..

Bright sunny day on Labour Day...

Willy and his full battle clothing..

Shimano_Boi and his full battle clothing..Wearing white is the best reflection..

Willy and Cik Khamis doing the last checking..

The boat pick-up point..

Loading our fishing gears and boxes down..Thats our boatmen..

The right view of the ick-up point..

Willy and Cik khamis finding the car key..manage to find it..lolx

Shimano_Boi posing under hot sun..

On the boat going to the big sea..

Mangrove area good for luring..

The seaside open house for fishing..its free anyway..got free light at night..

The Kelong at the sea side breeding KBL a.k.a Siakap a.k.a Barramundi..Mind the water is deep even low tide..

The sandy beaches..

Family overnight by the beaches and doing fishing too..

The rocky area good for luring too..

Cik khamis doing his preparation..

Willy(behind) and Shimano_Boi(front)

Willy doing his preparation..

Shimano_Boi set-up..Rod:Dam PE 4-6 and Shimano Apertox 6000

Willy set-up..Rod:Lemax Medium Heavy action and Penn Seaboy

Willy posing with the 2kg Leopard Ray..

Shimano_Boi posing with the 1kg grouper..

Total catches of assorted fish..Cooler box was fulled..More than 60 over fishes..

Closer view..

Closer view...

Shimano_Boi share after distributed..Enough for 2weeks to survive..hehehe..