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14 May 2009

Shimano Maintenance Tip #1


*Recommended for reels that have had extensive saltwater exposure or those that have been submerged in saltwater.

*Lightly rinse reels with freshwater using spray bottle.Avoid excessive water form high pressure source as this may push the salt or debris inside the reel. Wipe down reel with rag or clean towel after rinsing. This is also good practice after every fishing trip.

1) Use a small Phillips or flathead screwdriver to remove handle assembly.

2) Use a 10mm nutdriver or wrench to remove handle nut. Thereafter, remove star drag, spring and washers.

3) Remove side plate screws. It is always a good idea to lay out parts in order to aid during reassemby.

4) Remove side plate. Take care not to lose yoke springs as they may fall out.

5) Remove the drive gear, drag washers, pinion gear, yoke and yoke springs.

6) Clean driver gear and apply Shimano Drag Grease on the threads of the gears.

7) Clean drag washers of old grease. Apply a light coat of Shimano Drag Grease.

8) Clean the inside of the pinion gear for optimal free spool performance.

9) Reinstall the drive gear, drag washers, yoke and pinion. Take care not to damage gear threads. Note the proper orientation of yoke and pinion gear.

10) Reinstall yoke springs and roller clutch inner tube. Reinstall right side plate and side plate screws.

11) Reinstall star drag, washer, handle assembly. Tighten handle nut with 10mm nutdriver or wrench.