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21 June 2009

Fishing Spot in S'pore (2)

Location: Yishun Dam
Fish Species Caught: Barramundi, Catfish, Stingray, Chromide
Common Fish Caught: Barramundi and Chromide
Rate: Good

A map showing the various spot for fishing activities. The top is saltwater and below is freshwater.

The best spot for fishing barramundi using live baits..

The extreme right of the fishing spot where last time use to be a parking lot for boats..

The middle part of the fishing spot..Can do surfcasting from the flat ground and can park your vehicle at the roadside at night while fishing.Prevent parking it in the morning due to heavy vehicle passing-by..

Location: Punggol End
Fish Species Caught: Barramundi,Barracuda, Catfish, Stingray, Parrotfish, Grunter, Gelama, Grouper, Mullet and Sickle..
Common Fish Caught: Catfish, Stingray, Mullet, Barracuda, Sickle
Rate: Good

A map showing how to reach Punggol End..

The entrance of the Punggol End..The jetty is a good place to do luring for squids..

The right side of the jetty..Sandy area with lots of mozzies but more fishing ground further inside and quite dark at night..

The left side of the jetty and further down would reach Punggol 17 where vehicle can enter through Punggol-Marina Yatch Club..