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19 June 2009

Fishing Spot in S'pore (1)

Location: Sembawang Park
Fish Species Caught: Barracuda, Barramundi, Diamond Trevally, Catfish,Stingray,Queenie,Sickle,Wolf-Herring,Todak,Grouper,Chromides..
Common Fish Caught: Catfish,Diamond Trevally and Sickle..
Rate: Average

A map showing on how to enter Sembawang Park area..

Wak Hassan area,now there are railing along the aisle for safety purposes.

Further down Wak Hassan on the right. Good for catching Sickle,Diamond Trevally,Golden Promfret and Catfish..

Low tide on the right side of the jetty..Good place for net-casting..Presence of Catfish,Squid,Snapper,Grouper..

The Jetty itself..Below jetty got Chromides and small baitfish too..