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30 October 2009

Diamonds Are Forever!!

Location: Sembawang Park
Anglers: Shimano_Boi, MuhdYusri, Cik Nasir
Bait: Live Prawns

We reached the spot around 9am++ and the last week Uncle was there too fishing..He was there earlier than us,so we just join in with him and had a brief chat before setting up our weapons..Soon,we casted out our lines and Cik Nasir came few hours later..Unfortunately,the clouds turns gray and it started drizzling cum heavy rain..But it doesnt dampen our courage to fish..
Soon after the rain stop,we loaded the live prawns again and again to bait the fish out..It was near 4.30pm already and there wasnt any take at all..Suddenly.....Krekkkkk!!!!One of the reel drag has been alerted..The Uncle quickly strike and fought with the fish for few minutes..Alas,the fish was brought up safely..It was the Diamond Trevally..
He packed up leaving Me,Yusri and Cik Nasir continue fishing..It was already 5pm plus yet no take for us yet..A youngster came by to us saying that one of the rod had dropped and the nearby dustbin..We take a glance and Cik Nasir rod was already halfway into the sea..Yusri quickly slide down the slippery breaker and grabbed hold cum striking it..The line was still out..Soon,Cik Nasir took over and end the battle with a nice Diamond Trevally too..Congratulation to the Uncle and Cik Nasir too..Two Chermins was caught altogether..

We are the FnRians..

People fishing at the Bottle Tree area

The Canal..Good place for Barramundi..

Thai people doing net casting during the low tide

The Pondok that tell Rumours..


Shimano_Boi thats Me..

Uncle who took the first strike..

Rod bend to "C"..Fighting for it..

Dragging the fish out off the Swamp area..

Pumping it up hard and steadily..

Was awarded with the nice beautiful Chermin a.k.a Diamond Trevally

Closer view of the Chermin..

A man doing illegal fishing..That area was suppose to be barbed up but was ruin by the sea water..

A nice looking Kim Kor..

A group of Kim Kor being caught..

Yusri Posing on behalf of Cik Nasir Chermin..