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09 December 2009

The Duri(s) @ Pasir Ris Park

Anglers: Shimano_Boi and Yusri
Location: Pasir Ris Beach
Bait: Dead prawn

We reached there at night and the place was quite wet due to the rain occured earlier in the afternoon..Finding a dry path was quite hard as it was muddy and slippery all over the area..Soon,we found a dry path and settle down at the breaker..Had our bait loaded up and casted out..Waited a while and we got a duri each for our self...Due to the water condition at pasir ris was not confirm as it's safe or not,we didn't consume it..Overall,we're happy as both got our share..Tight Lines..

Yusri standing at the breaker..

Cutting up the baits..

Here is the duri..a good size..

Closer view on the Duri a.k.a Catfish